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Sending us your photos can't be simpler!


You can email up to 5 pictures at a time to us at photos@bishopswaltham2020vision.co.uk

In your email, include the following pieces of information:

If you prefer, instead of the next 3 steps, you can download this document, fill it in and send it to us as an attachment to your email.


Tell us the title of each picture, the date they were taken and where they were taken.


Choose a declaration from the list below - simply copy and paste one of them into your email.

  1. I declare that any image was taken without any written consents being needed.

  2. I declare that any image was taken with the verbal consent of all recognisable adults in the foreground of any image.

  3. I declare that any image was taken with the written consent of the adult photographed, for any image with sensitive data.

  4. I declare that any image was taken with the written consent of a vulnerable adult and the person responsible for them.

  5. I declare that any image was taken with the written consent/s of a parent/responsible adult for a child/children under 18.



Copy and paste the following paragraph to give your consent:

I give my consent as the photographer to store, transmit and publish this image and to store, transmit and publish the accompanying data. My email address, any accompanying consents and this declaration which will not be published.

I permit you to keep email details for contact by Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision or Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust for the purposes of this project only.

I pass copyright of this image to Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision and then to Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust where the image and accompanying details will be held securely in the future.

Add this if needed:

I am under 18 and have written consent from my parent/responsible person.


Send your email to us!

If we have any queries or need any more information from you, we will be in touch.

Thank you!

Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision is a one-year unincorporated community group set up to promote and collect a photographic historical record of 2020 for the benefit of Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust.  Tony Hunt (curator)     -    Lynn Lee     -    Trish Simpson-Davis    -     Anita Taylor

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