• BW 2020 Vision

New Year, new resolutions......

Want to get out more? Find a new hobby? Watch less telly? Walk more? Spare a few minutes every day for me-time?

To tick a few of those boxes, how about resolving to take one photo for 2020 Vision every day for a year, or, maybe more realistically, one or two a week?

Our first target is to record the High Street shops and we have an eager team of photographers ready to go. Once we have enough shots of a particular shop, you may spot our logo, as a heads up that we won’t be accepting any more images from that location.

We’d like people to consider what else happens in, around and behind the High Street: cars and lorries, parking, deliveries and traffic jams, people at work and leisure. And if you’ve picked up a theme to follow through from our inspiration pages, now is a great time to consider how that theme relates to the town centre.

From today, we are eager to see interesting images about any aspect of everyday life, from all corners of Bishop’s Waltham and the surrounding locality (i.e. within easy walking or cycling distance). So, grab your camera and mobile phone and make good on that resolution today!