• BW 2020 Vision

More than 100 images so far!!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Well what a great month this has been, with more than 100 images now submitted.

Our first target was to collect a current set of photographs of Bishop’s Waltham’s shops to compare with the John Bosworth Collection images in Bishop’s Waltham Museum, the earliest of which date from the 1890’s. Photographers have been out in the High Street in January, recording 70 retail premises. Their focus has been recording what the shops sell nowadays and how they have been altered to suit 2020 needs.

Of course, the range of goods sold in the High Street has changed over the past 125 years to suit the changing shopping habits of local residents, but the basics: bread, meat, milk, fruit and vegetables, beers and wines, Post Office, newspapers, hardware, toys and clothing can still be found locally. Pubs may have disappeared, but cafes and hairdressers proliferate, alongside shops selling and servicing the newest electronic goodies, beauty therapies, tempting gifts and cards, shabby chic and bespoke furniture and even an internet magic shop.

So far we have collected images of businesses and other activities around the High Street. If you are interested in joining in with this theme, we would suggest widening the scope to include other local businesses as evidence of contemporary economic activity and of course, the extent to which technology and digitisation has moved into the workplace in the last 30 years.

We are also interested in events as they happen: the archaeological dig at the new car park and housing developments progressing are 2 examples. If you keep a camera or mobile phone to hand, there are plenty of on-going opportunities of activities that just wouldn’t have happened 30 or 50 years ago: the supermarket or internet package delivery van, motor bikes and cycles streaming past on a fine weekend day, or a jogger with pram or dog in tow.

In the light of current publicity about the climate crisis, there are lots of opportunities to show how our local area is already changing: fields of solar panels, extraordinary early flowering, litter chucked out onto the road verge. Enough of pretty pictures; some of the first images have shown photographers thinking out of the box, which is exactly what’s wanted. Over to you!