• BW 2020 Vision

March 1st...

An excellent total of 140 photographs was uploaded in February, well reflecting life in Bishop’s Waltham during this darkest and wettest time of year. There are relatively few social or community activities, so the photos submitted tend to show people at work or using the facilities within the village centre. These images are essential in recording and showing life in Bishop’s Waltham in 2020 for future researchers and historians. In particular, they show the way we shop, use money, work and how we organise our community in general. So, pictures which illustrate the continuing and expanding ways in which we use technology in communication, business, health, education, transport, agriculture and so on are especially welcome in our community project.

Reflecting on the 123 accepted uploads this month, perhaps there is an imbalance of the purely topographical against those images showing people. Contributors might like to bear this in mind when taking their pictures in the next months. Simply ask for adults’ permission before taking the shot; in our experience, almost everyone reacts positively to the 2020 Vision concept.

A plea from the admin people, to please group and title your images if you possibly can – they arrive with a camera number and need to be changed (by someone) from, for example, P1010678 to Waste: the recycling lorry, showing which title of the group of 5 relates to which photo. Some pithy titles are coming in which really enhance the images … but only when they match up with the right shot.

Altogether, though, there has been a great start to the project, and we look forward to receiving your entries during March.