Hello! Welcome to Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision HQ.

Thanks for dropping by.

Bishop’s Waltham started off small, but it’s growing every year. When you stop and think about what’s new, or what’s gone for ever, then you can see how many changes there have been, even in a few years. And over many years, the changes are monumental!

Your photo of today will be kept and will be history when you are a grown-up. Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision is about taking pics that will tell people in the future about our lives today.

Look around carefully. What’s new here this year? And what do we take for granted today that will be lost by 2050? Quick! Take a photo before it’s too late!

Taking photos

2020 Vision is open to anyone of any age. We reckon you’ll be just as good as your Mums and Dads at finding unusual, exciting and interesting photos to take and you’ll be great at uploading them to us.

Almost the same, huh, but babies soon start growing. And from birth on, they are changing all the time, just like our town.

And here’s you, newly arrived, early in the 21st century.

Here I am as a baby in the

middle of the 20th century.

Your pictures can be taken on a mobile phone or camera. It isn’t a competition, so it’s OK to ask Mum or Dad for any help, including getting them to take the shot for you! Or how about joining up with some friends to work as a team?

Being in the frame

Yes please! We’d like you to be in photos for 2020 Vision when you are with parents, in school or at a group you belong to. They will already have consent to take your photo and you can say right there and then if you want to be in or out of any photos that are taken.


Tell Mum, Dad or a trusted adult if someone asks you to do something that worries you for 2020 Vision. Report on-line suspicions at: or real-time at


There’s useful stuff about online safety for kids of all ages at


Privacy Notice for kids

We plan to look after your personal info carefully and we won’t give it away to anyone else. We only need to keep your name, email address and adult consent if you are the photographer, or your adult’s name and consent if you are the important person in the front of the photo. We’ll make sure we keep your details safe.

At the end of 2020, the photos and info that you have uploaded will be given to Bishop’s Waltham Museum to keep for the future. When your details leave 2020 Vision, the Museum promises us to keep them safe and sound. If you decide you don’t want your photo in Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision after all, just write to us (or the Museum from 2021) and tell us, and we will remove the photo and your details.