Good to know:

Bishop's Waltham 2020 Vision

It doesn’t matter if you live or work here, you’re just visiting, or you’re over or under 18 - anyone can upload their photo.  Photographs will be judged on the basis of their historical interest to social historians in the future.

There is no cost to you.

2020 Vision isn’t a competition and we won’t reject your photo because it’s number 1001!

You may upload one image every day from January 1st to December 31st 2020, or you can send in a series on one theme, of up to 366 images in all.  Photos can be posted as JPEG, Tiff or PDF files.  Please upload each image with its own declaration.

Advertising is part and parcel of everyday life, but only for 2020 Vision if it adds historical detail, please. 

No Loch Ness Monsters in the pond, please. Photos can be edited by any of the usual means such as cropping, light or darkening, sharpening contrast etc, but no extra images should be added to the original photo.


All images must have been taken in 2020.  If you have pictures taken from previous years, these could be submitted to the Bishop's Waltham Photo of the Month competition, run by the Town Team through the Love Bishop's Waltham website.

Bishop's Waltham 2020 Vision

Keep an eye on our curator's view which will tell you when we have accepted enough photos on a particular place or theme. You’ll also see our stickers around, to give you the same message.

This is a community effort and we’re here to give you any help you need along the way. That means you can work singly or as a team, such as a Mum and child, or a group of friends. You can use a team nickname, especially if children are involved.


If you are a group leader wanting to upload a photo of your activities, there is a form to use that will make the upload simpler for you. Click here.

Click here to contact us with your questions.

Are you ready to upload?


Your name/s and a nickname or team name if you prefer. Please use a nickname if you are well-known to the organisers.


In a few words



what or who?

and why?


EITHER the downloaded image does not need any permissions. [click here]



OR any adult in the foreground of the image gave VERBAL CONSENT to store, transmit and publish the image on the 2020 Vision website and  then to BWMT. [click here]

OR you attach a copy of WRITTEN CONSENT for:                                  

1. an adult showing sensitive personal data      

2. a child under 18              

3. A vulnerable person of any age

[click here]

Form to use for a

child under 18

[click here]

Form to use for an adult where the image gives sensitive data

[click here]

Form for a school or group to use if there is pre-existing consent

[click here]

Form to use for a

vulnerable adult

[click here]

Give your permission as the photographer to store, transmit and publish your photo and to keep your email details so we can contact you for 2020 Vision business (only).

Donate copyright of the image to Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision and then on to Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust where the image and details will be held securely from 2021.

Thank you!

By completing the Declaration, you have given us permission to use and keep the photos as we have described in

The Small Print.