This is a community project, not a competition.

GO STRAIGHT TO UPLOAD, for a photo of a street scene or crowd where children or adults are in the background of the picture.

GO STRAIGHT TO UPLOAD, for a photo with verbal permission from adults in the foreground of the picture.

This photo only needs verbal consent because their place of work is already well-known to the public.

When do you need written consent?

An image giving sensitive personal data about an adult will need written consent:

Photos of recognisable children under 18 will need written parental consent.

The safety of children and vulnerable adults is a big priority to the 2020 project. Bishop’s Waltham is a small town, so ask yourself if anyone is being put at risk, before taking your photo.

This full shot of a child at home would need written consent from one parent.

There are special concerns around the photography of children and vulnerable adults, so you’ll need to plan.  Don’t be put off, but follow these guidelines to stay safe:​

If your image for a vulnerable adult need written consent:
We require you to stick to the same guidelines for vulnerable adults including frail elderly people in our community. This especially applies to adults unlikely to understand that they might be exploited.

We can only accept photos with the appropriate permissions.

Any images that we consider indecent, offensive, or against the law or spirit of the Data Processing Act 2018 will be removed. Our duty of care means that we would pass such images on to the authorities.

All photographs © Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust. Always ask for permission before copying.

Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision is a one-year unincorporated community group set up to promote and collect a photographic historical record of 2020 for the benefit of Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust.  Tony Hunt (curator)     -    Lynn Lee     -    Trish Simpson-Davis    -     Anita Taylor

​© 2020 Bishop's Waltham 2020 Vision.  Email

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