This is a community project, not a competition.

  • if challenged, explain what you are doing, stay polite and leave if requested.

  • don’t take any unnecessary risks to get your photos.

  • and if you want to keep it simple, take photos which concentrate on the activity.

  • consider taking back or side views rather than facing the camera

  • avoid close-ups and individual images, particularly of children.

GO STRAIGHT TO UPLOAD, for a photo of a street scene or crowd where children or adults are in the background of the picture.
  • ask the people at the front for verbal  permission.

  • you can’t ask everyone in a crowded street.

  • for everyone’s safety and security, avoid giving away people’s addresses or personal information in a photo. Turn off the location settings on a mobile phone.

  • if you want to take photos at a public event, put up a notice to explain what you are doing. Click here for Notice for a Public Event.

  • anyone appearing in a photo who later decides to withdraw their permission or wasn’t asked at the time can contact us to request the photograph be removed or their image edited out.  Click here for form to Request my Image is Withdrawn or Edited Out.

GO STRAIGHT TO UPLOAD, for a photo with verbal permission from adults in the foreground of the picture.

This photo only needs verbal consent because their place of work is already well-known to the public.

  • before taking a photograph, verbally ask permission so that anyone who doesn’t wish to be included can opt out.

  • to upload, you’ll need to have checked this permission out with anyone who can be identified (usually just in the foreground of a shot). 

  • anyone appearing in a photo who later decides to withdraw their permission or wasn’t asked at the time can contact us to request the photograph be removed or their image edited out. Click here for form to Request my Image is Withdrawn or Edited Out.

When do you need written consent?

An image giving sensitive personal data about an adult will need written consent:

  • photographs of living people are personal data and fall under the Data Protection Act 2018.

  • photographs containing sensitive personal data such as physical or mental health states, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs will need to written consent from the adult to be accepted.

  • discuss your plan with the individual before taking the photograph.

  • make sure they understand the implications before giving consent. We’ll need a scan of their consent.   Click here for form for written consent from an adult for an image showing sensitive personal data.

  • don’t give away more than is necessary to tell the story. For example, avoid photographing an individual in front of their home.

Photos of recognisable children under 18 will need written parental consent.

The safety of children and vulnerable adults is a big priority to the 2020 project. Bishop’s Waltham is a small town, so ask yourself if anyone is being put at risk, before taking your photo.

This full shot of a child at home would need written consent from one parent.

Data Protection legislation is particularly concerned to prevent:

  • Collecting and passing on images which may be misused;

  • Identifying individual children (or adults) who could be targeted;

  • Identifying children (or adults) who are in vulnerable circumstances.

This photo was probably taken at the parents’ request, but it is a full shot of a child at home – so in 2020 you would need written consent to save and share the child’s image from one parent.  Click here for form for written consent for children.

There are special concerns around the photography of children and vulnerable adults, so you’ll need to plan.  Don’t be put off, but follow these guidelines to stay safe:​

  • in a group setting, you will already have permissions in place and will just need to check with parents if you intend to upload to 2020 Vision.  Click here for group permission for children.

  • 'Stranger' photographers must not approach a child or vulnerable adult on their own with requests to take photographs, especially close-ups. 

  • plan your photoshoot with their responsible adult.

  • don’t takes photos of an undressed child or vulnerable adult.

  • don’t take photos of children engaged in risky or illegal behaviours.

  • to safeguard everyone, don’t allow yourself to be left alone with a child or vulnerable adult.

  • don’t identify the child or vulnerable adult by name in the information accompanying the photo.

  • to accept the image, we’ll require a scan of the permission to store, transmit and publish.

If your image for a vulnerable adult need written consent:
We require you to stick to the same guidelines for vulnerable adults including frail elderly people in our community. This especially applies to adults unlikely to understand that they might be exploited.
  • at 102 (in 1975) this lady was probably perfectly able to provide her own informed written consent.

  • a photo set in her own home, might reveal information useful to the unscrupulous – so to be safe in 2020, consult her relatives. 

  • if an individual’s vulnerability is revealed in the uploaded photograph (in our opinion), we will ask for consent to store, share and publish from a person with the authority to make the decision. Click here for form for an adult for an image showing sensitive personal data including vulnerability.

We can only accept photos with the appropriate permissions.

Any images that we consider indecent, offensive, or against the law or spirit of the Data Processing Act 2018 will be removed. Our duty of care means that we would pass such images on to the authorities.

All photographs © Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust. Always ask for permission before copying.

Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision is a one-year unincorporated community group set up to promote and collect a photographic historical record of 2020 for the benefit of Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust.  Tony Hunt (curator)     -    Lynn Lee     -    Trish Simpson-Davis    -     Anita Taylor

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