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About us

Tony Hunt – curator and photographer

Tony is a Fine Arts lecturer and a nationally and internationally-recognised artist who has made his home in Bishop’s Waltham for very many years. He is locally known as the Managing Editor of the Bishop’s Waltham and Upham Parish News, with a wealth of knowledge about the town.

Lynn Lee – funding and photographer

Lynn is a keen photographer and traveller. She is a long-standing director of Bishop’s Waltham Festival. For 2020 Vision, she has kindly agreed to look after the project’s finances.

Trish Simpson-Davis - promotion 

Trish has been developing Oral History at Bishop’s Waltham Museum since 2014 and has contributed many of the posters for exhibitions since then. She thinks that 2020 Vision is the other half of the Museum’s Time of Change Exhibition 2020, as both were inspired by the work of the late John Bosworth.

Anita Taylor – Historian and photographer

Anita moved to Bishop’s Waltham 15 years ago and quickly immersed herself in village life by becoming a Trustee and Curator of Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust until summer 2019. She is a member of the Town Team and Bishop’s Waltham Society. She is a keen amateur photographer and belongs to both Bishop’s Waltham Photographic Society and Winchester Photographic Society.