Welcome to Bishop's Waltham 2020 Vision...

our one-year pop-up photographic project to explore and record everyday life in our local community is still going through the Coronavirus pandemic.

It’s just changed its focus a little ...

In this extraordinary global event, it's even more important to provide a local record of everyday life for the future. We are looking for images of life in lockdown, both within and outside local homes. Make your mark on history! Fascinate future historians! Upload your photos to our website.

It doesn’t matter if you’re 9 or 99, if you can take an interesting photo, we’d like to see it – so please upload your camera or mobile phone images.

It’s not a competition, it is a co-operative effort to find 1000 images which reflect today’s world in Bishop’s Waltham and the surrounding locality, during an important time of change. Your photograph and your name can become part of the history of our town …

How has life in Bishop’s Waltham changed over the past 35 years?

We’re interested in updating Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust’s historic John Bosworth Collection. Forget the picture postcards and selfies. We’ll choose original and thoughtful photos, without being uber-picky about artistic merit, the number of pixels on your camera or how often you’ve participated so far.

And because it’s nice to see your name up there, we’re going to select the very best images to go on tour in a pop-up photographic exhibition that will be our pride and joy in 2021.

What will today’s teenagers look back on when they reach 50?

Think about it. We want you to record the good, the bad, the humdrum, the exciting, the ugly, the beautiful and the fun things about life in our town.

Want to join in?

Flick through our gallery of historic Museum photos for inspiration, find a theme or strand to follow from the ideas page; consult our growing catalogue of accepted images, find up-to-date suggestions from our curator’s view and (please) read our guidelines.

Get out on foot or by bike, on your own, as a family or in a group 

every day, every week, every month, or just the once in 2020.

You’re very welcome …

Bishop’s Waltham 2020 Vision is a one-year unincorporated community group set up to promote and collect a photographic historical record of 2020 for the benefit of Bishop’s Waltham Museum Trust.  Tony Hunt (curator)     -    Lynn Lee     -    Trish Simpson-Davis    -     Anita Taylor

​© 2020 Bishop's Waltham 2020 Vision.  Email photos@bishopswaltham2020vision.co.uk

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